Auguration Day


   ˈôɡ(y)ərē/    noun

  • a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen
    “they heard the sound as an augury of death”
  • the work of an augur; the interpretation of omens.

    noun    the practice of augury


During difficult moments, many of us turn to books to distract, remove, distance, delight, or carry us away from the here and now. I can frankly admit that reading is my drug of choice, and I dive in deep when I need to forget about the world. In her essay A Secret Solace for Hard Times, Alice Hoffman describes a year in which reading, while comforting, wasn’t enough. The pain and heartache turned her into a writer.

We are now facing difficult moments, individually and collectively.

Even before recent events, I’d been trying to write a story about a better world, a fairer world. I’m returning to it now, perhaps as a way to escape, to erect a blanket fort, build a dream castle. It’s my means of reinterpreting and recasting that which I wish I could change. In these difficult times, I remind myself: Nothing is written in the stars. Everything is changeable. Don’t give in. Don’t give up.

If you don’t like the world as it is, write it as you would want it to be.

Right the future, one sentence at a time. Because that’s what writers do.

2 thoughts on “Auguration Day

  1. Thanks for your inspiring words, Linda. These are frightening times , however, I believe it is waking up our “Collective Conscience” to strive for a world of caring and lovingkindness. This is the last snooze button we’ll get, I think, so it’s a call for action and fortitude. No excuses!


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