Auguration Day

au·gu·ry    ˈôɡ(y)ərē/    noun a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen “they heard the sound as an augury of death” the work of an augur; the interpretation of omens. au`gu`ra´tion     noun    the practice of augury —————— During difficult moments, many of us turn to books to distract, remove, … More Auguration Day

The books they carried

So there’s this thing–EDC, Every Day Carry–which, according to, is “A peek into the pockets of people worldwide, showcasing our every day essentials.” As writers, most of of us have solid preferences regarding the tools of our craft; I carry a notebook for thoughts, but for true productive writing I can’t do without my laptop. As a … More The books they carried

Why you need an online presence as a writer

It’s hard enough to just sit down and write most days. And now you’re telling me, “Having an online presence as a writer is essential”? C’mon! Yes, I’m telling you that. And I can hear the whine in your voice even though this conversation started inside my head…and has moved over to yours. Here’s why you need … More Why you need an online presence as a writer

New kid in the cafeteria

You want to write your life story to share with family members. Or maybe you’ve been told, “You should write a book.” There’s that should word. Do you actually want to write that book, or did that off-the-cuff remark prompt you into thinking you should? If your answer is the latter, spare yourself the heartache. Writing is not romantic. It’s … More New kid in the cafeteria

To create, connect

  “The writer’s life is a solitary one.” That stereotype is hard to shake. Though it’s true isolation is sometimes necessary–especially when you’re on deadline–writing alone with no other input, influence or feedback is actually counterproductive to a successful writer’s life. Jeff Goines in Fast Company describes The Three Types of Relationship Every Creative Person Needs. Photo … More To create, connect