Those four words

How often have you said those words: always wanted to writeWhat stops you?

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or you’ve written before but are stuck now and need a push, get started–or jumpstart your stalled writing practice–with

⇒  small group instruction at beginner or intermediate levels
⇒  private one-on-one coaching
⇒  consultation on work in progress
⇒  editing and/or proofreading finished work prior to submission/publication.

Writers aren’t born–they’re made. You can write, and AWTW can help with creative non-fiction, memoir, essay, blogging, fiction, short stories, novels, flash fiction, and writing for the online environment. While poetry workshops are offered on an occasional basis by visiting instructors (see Classes), scroll to the bottom for ongoing poetry workshop info.*

Feel insecure? With classes capped at four participants, you’ll get specific, focused attention in a supportive group.

Not enough time? How about 3 hours? Each single-session workshop gives you tools and techniques to launch your writing practice.

Stop wanting. Start doing. Click Classes on the menu bar or Coaching if you prefer private instruction.

* For those interested in poetry, the Downtown Writers Center offers poetry classes and a variety of other programs. I highly recommend the DWC; they have exceptional instructors in every area of writing–I know, I teach there–and the longer 8-week class format is designed to grow skills and create community. If you’re in the Central New York area, please give them a look.