Micro Memoir Monthly

Monthly meetings: Jan-April 2021

This once-a-month Micro Memoir writing group meets the third Thursday of the month from 7:30-9 pm EST. You’ll get a themed prompt in advance and come to the meeting with work already written to read aloud to the group. (No critique, just sharing, similar to Four Prompts and a Reading.)

We’ll also include a short Wunderkammer exercise — so you’ll get next month’s prompt at the end and come up with objects for group feedback. If you join, it’s a four-month commitment of $44 total for Jan.-April. For this particular monthly meeting, up to 250 words qualifies (think “Beautiful Things” at River Teeth literary journal–they take up to 250 words).

January 21
February 18
March 18

April 15

Just $44 for all four sessions. Pay one price, record the dates on your calendar, and use the same Zoom link for every session.

Your PayPal confirmation of payment is your acknowledgment that you’re enrolled in the class. A week prior to the first event, I’ll email you from my personal email with pertinent information including the Zoom link.

Registration: Micro Memoir Monthly Jan-April 2021

Third Thursday of the month on January 21 / February 18 / March 18 / April 15


Photo by Paolo Chiabrandoon Unsplash