Giving Feedback in a Writing Group

A workshop led by Joanne Lozar Glenn

Wednesday, December 2 from 7-9 pm


It can be hard knowing what to say when someone asks you to respond to their writing. Unfortunately “feedback” has often misconstrued as praise, constructive criticism, or the now-proven-ineffective “compliment feedback sandwich technique,” making it hard, perhaps impossible, to create what every writer in a writing group that you attend or lead deserves: a safe space where they can experiment with or develop craft. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn about four useful models for providing helpful feedback when a writer asks you to respond to their writing. Then we’ll practice giving feedback using actual, anonymous, excerpted writing drafts, paying attention to how to shape that feedback so it’s appropriate for fresh vs. more developed drafts and emerging vs. experienced writers. 

The workshop concludes with a reflective discussion and Q&A about this aspect of literary citizenship in your writing practice. You’ll also receive a handout you can use to apply these methods in your own writing group or class, and informed perspectives for responding to writing in a way that supports your fellow writers unearth their best work while respecting the value of every voice. 

About the Presenter

Writer-editor-educator Joanne Lozar Glenn leads writing groups and destination writing retreats. She is a fellow of the Ohio Writing Project, a certified AWA facilitator, and a member of two writing groups. Her work has been published in Beautiful Things (River Teeth), Peregrine, Hippocampus, Brevity, and other print and online journals. Her most recent book, Memoir Your Way: Tell Your Story Through Writing, Recipes, Quilts, Graphic Novels, and More (Skyhorse Press, 2016), was co-authored with the five other women (The Memoir Roundtable) and is available on


Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash