Four Prompts and a Reading: Pyramid Lake Writers

The second Tuesday of the month from 1-3pm
June-September 2021

We’re back with the summer season of Four Prompts. You’ll get sixteen prompts — four for each timed writing session in four writing heats throughout the workshop — and at the end, you choose your favorite piece to read aloud to the group. No critiques, just a chance to share with your PLC friends

What’s a Prompt?

For those new to writing, a prompt is an idea — a word, phrase, sentence or picture — that you use as a jumping-off point for inspiration in your writing. It allows for a freer, more uninhibited style of writing as you have a short span of time to the work done and there’s no room for doubt, second-guessing, or endless revision.

I’ll provide the prompts, and you provide the creative spark.

Here’s your chance to write with others in a judgment-free zone. If at the end of the writing period you don’t want to share but just want to hear the work of others, that’s fine too.

Accessibility Improvements — Live Transcription

NEW TO FOUR PROMPTS: All sessions starting in June will have Live Transcription at the bottom of the page so that all participants can follow along easily.

Monthly Class Schedule

Every second Tuesday from 1-3 pm on these dates:

  • June 8
  • July 13
  • August 10
  • September 14

Registration: Four Prompts/Pyramid Lake – June-September 2021

Registration for Four Prompts and a Reading: Pyramid Lake Writers. This single fee covers four months at $10/month.