A Writer’s Ritual

Reading, Writing, Resonance: Using Intuition to Discover Spirit and Purpose

First and foremost writers are readers, launched by the books they’ve read, each one an example of the timeless power of storytelling.

Our favorite books reshape us as we come away with a vision of the world different than the one we held before.

These are books of the heart and the spirit, books of intent and purpose. But often, when they sweep us away, it’s like a spell of sleep or forgetting — they work their magic without our understanding the process.

In this reading and writing ritual, you’ll revisit your most treasured books to examine your connection to them and to your own writing ideals. You’ll reflect on their themes and their influence on your life, and even ‘ask’ them to guide you.

You’ll receive a PDF of a list of items to gather for this ritual, and a link to a 30 minute downloadable video that will walk you through the process. This half-hour of introspection, intuition, and intention can pave the way for your own decision-making and writing practices for the year ahead.

While the ritual will concentrate on your writing life, it can be expanded to consider anything you’re attempting to navigate but which you’re still unsure of. 

Reading, Writing, Resonance – a writer’s ritual

A 30-minute video and accompanying PDF on using intuition to discover the spirit and purpose of your writing through your most beloved books.