Letting Go in 2018


Letting Go in 2018:
Gift Night Gathering

Wed. Jan. 3 from 6-8 pm – $10/person

Every year we make resolutions: things we vow to start doing or take up in the new year. But we rarely discuss those things that no longer serve us, things we need to release to move forward. Before “in with the new” can happen, “out with the old” must occur to create an open space in our lives to receive. This gathering will celebrate and honor the work of letting go. 

The following is based on an idea by writer Laura Davis, author of the groundbreaking book “The Courage to Heal.”

Identify something you want to let go of, then find an object that symbolizes the thing you’re releasing. The object can’t be toxic–it must be something others would be glad to receive. Wrap it as a gift and bring it with you.

Gifts will be collected at the door. Once everyone settles in, all participants will write for 15 minutes about what they’re giving up and why they’re releasing it. They’ll each place their story in a sealed envelope and write the item/gift on the front, then drop the envelope in a box. This is to maintain everyone’s comfort, privacy and anonymity.

One by one, we’ll select gifts from the “release altar.” As each “gift” is claimed by its new owner, the story of release will be read aloud. All stories will remain anonymous unless the author wishes to reveal herself/himself.

Together we’ll celebrate letting go and the exchange of gifts which, as Laura notes, often reveals an amazing serendipity between the released object and its new owner.

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